Features of The Central Rotating Platform

- Oct 20, 2020-

The central rotating platform is a new type of rotating loading device. It combines the advantages of servo motors, cam distributors and drive motors to achieve a balance between these products. The central rotating platform can not only realize the direct load of a pair of loads, but also realize the lack of angular positioning and reach the standard of accuracy. But the cost is much lower than the drive motor. The servo motor can fully meet the requirements of circumferential positioning control.


  What are the characteristics of the central rotating platform?


  1. The turntable of the central rotating platform is a hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected to the side to facilitate the installation of air pipes and wires in the fixture.


  2. The central rotating platform is flexible. The size of the interface can be changed by customizing the flange and input shaft hole. It is usually used to connect any brand of servo motor and stepper motor.


  3. The central rotating platform selects helical gears for deceleration and increases the output torque, so that the space of the hollow turntable is reduced, and the accuracy is repeated positioning to ensure the accuracy of the components.


  4. Even heavy objects can be transported on the transport platform.


   5. The central rotating platform adopts cross roller bearings, which guarantees the accuracy of the parts.


   6. Through dewaxing, a central rotating platform body is formed, and each part will be processed accurately. The gear is polished after heat treatment, and the surface hardness is very high. After the assembly is completed, grinding is carried out to ensure the parallelism and perpendicularity of each component.


  7. After the central rotating platform body is assembled, the angle and accuracy shall be inspected again to ensure that no sampling or missed inspection occurs.