Features of Hollow Rotary Platform

- Dec 28, 2020-

The hollow rotating platform can realize direct load and positioning at any angle at low cost. It can be used with a servo motor, having advantages of high transmission efficiency, high rigidity, and high cost performance. Direction can be freely designed.


The hollow rotating platform can realize angular positioning in a short time, and it can also realize highly accurate positioning without backlash, reducing the design time and shortening the delivery time.


Its high output means large inertia 200Nm. High rigidity means 500Nm payload in the axial direction.


The inertia of the hollow rotating platform of different models is also different. The larger, the greater the allowable inertia, and the smaller deformation displacement relative to the load inertia; and it also comes with a zero switch. The rotating platform is equipped with photoelectric switches and sensors, It is convenient for zero point control in electrical and can simplify the mechanical design process.


The precision of the hollow rotating platform is high, because it has to be treated by precise CNC machining, high-level gear machining and grinding after assembly.