Features of Hollow Rotary Actuator

- Apr 04, 2019-

The Hollow Rotary Actuator adopts a brand-new rotary load device, which combines high transmission efficiency, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance. It combines the advantages of servo hydraulic motor, cam splitter and DD motor, achieved a balance among these products.

Compared with other similar transmission positioning products, it can not only meet the servo hydraulic motor can not do - the direct load on the load, but also make up for the lack of the angle of the splitter can not be achieved - to achieve the positioning of any angle, Accuracy is comparable to DD motors, but the cost is much lower than DD motors. Equipped with servo motors and stepper motors, it is perfectly suitable for your requirements for circumferential positioning control.

The Hollow Rotary Actuator produced by Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. adopts cross roller bearing and tapered roller bearing structure, which has high accuracy and large load capacity. The adoption of the top spiral bevel gear and the optimized design of contact tooth surface makes the even load and allow high torque output. When it combined with planetary reducer or right angle reducer, the gear ratio shall become bigger up to 1:180. Gears are made of high strength carburizing alloy steel and the hardness of the tooth surface after carburizing can reach HRC60±2°.

Saini Intelligent supplies multiple options for clients, GSN series, including table size 60, 85, 130, 200 and 280mm. GSB series contains table sizes 60, 100, 130, 200mm. 

GSN Hollow Rotay Table

Open Loop Stepper Hollow Rotary ActuatorClosed Loop Hollow Rotary ActuatorPlanetary Hollow Rotary Table

GSN Series Hollow Rotary Table (Cross Roller Bearing)

GSB Hollow Rotary Table

Plantary Rotary Table

GSB series Hollow Rotary Table (Tapered Roller Bearing)

Recently, an new type of high torque hollow rotary table released, GSG series, it integrated planetary gearbox making the the combination of big apeture with two stage reduction ratio and high torque.

Planetary Rotary TableRight Angle Rotary Table

GSG Hollow Rotary Table

Besides the side shaft rotary table, Saini Intelligent also provide a kind of Right Angle Rotary Table.

GSH series Hypoid Rotary Table makes its body IP65 waterproof grade, with table size 60, 100, 150 and 200mm and fixed gear ratio 30K, the permissible ouput torque can reach up to 450N.m. 

Hypoid Rotary Table

Installation of Hypoid Rotary Table

GSA series Right Angle Rotary Table has mutiple combination, it could be combined with planetary gearbox and GSZ series right angle reducer.  It has table size 42, 90, 130 and 200mm.

Right Angle Rotary Gearbox

Planetary Right Angle Rotary Table