Explanation of Radial Force Verification of Precision Planetary Reducer

- Mar 01, 2021-

After we have completed the selection of the planetary reducer, we also need to calculate the magnitude and direction of the axial force on the shaft. For the planetary reducer to be selected, the adjustment factor F2a is determined according to the output type and the direction of the axial load. The direction of the axial force is represented by (+) and (-). Determine the allowable axial load in formula: Fac=FrN×F2a.


Select the adjustment factor fL corresponding to the expected life of the bearing from the life factor table. After all the coefficients are determined, the following conditions must be checked: Fac×fL×Ka≦Fan. Fan represent Rated radial force of the reducer.


If there are axial force and radial force at the same time, please consult our technical department. Saini Intelligent focuses on the development and production of transmission for more than 10 years, and has professional technician to help you solve all reducer problems.