Don’t Know How To Buy Precision Planetary Reducer? Come to See This!

- Mar 23, 2021-

People who have certain understanding to the precision planetary reducer should know that it has a number of specifications. Those users who do not have much purchase experience hardly determine the specifications that suit them. In fact, the reducer specification can be set accurately base on basic function parameters and the application criterion.


1. The basic function parameters of the reducer

1.1  Reduction ratio

The reduction ratio has a significant impact on the operating efficiency of the equipment. If the reduction ratio is too low, it means that the efficiency of the equipment will be reduced accordingly. For the user, it is difficult to ensure ROI. So generally it’s not recommended to purchase reducers of low ratio.


1.2  Stage number

The transmission ratio is determined by the needs of users, however with the increase of transmission ratio, it is necessary to add new planetary gear sleeves to the equipment. If the stage number is too low, even if the planetary gear sleeve is installed, it may still cause  decreasing efficiency, which is not conducive to the users.


2. Usage criterion

2.1  Lifespan

Lifespan has always been an important criterion when purchasing reducer. However lifespan does not means the usable time of the reducers. It means the duration of continuous operation under rated load, which can generally be understood as the average life. Reducers with higher average lifespan is obviously more worth choosing.


2.2  Lubrication

At present, most precision planetary reducers in the market do not need to be lubricated, because it adopts fully sealed design, which can reduce maintenance. This kind of planetary reducer is indeed more valuable than those that of needs lubrication.


The above are the 2 most important criteria when purchase planetary reducers. After all, the requirements of each customer are different. Gigager is a top 10 manufacturers of speed reducer in China.We have been working with visual inspection machine manufacturers to provide rotary inspection machine for the world class manufacturers, such as Huawei, Foxconn, HKvision, etc. Call us, Gigager can provide suggestions to your purchase demands!