Domestic Market Demand Promotes The Development of Reducer Industry

- Dec 31, 2020-

As key component of mechanical transmission, reducer is of great significance. The reducer industry is basic industry for the development of the national economy. From household appliances to automobiles and airplanes, from production tools to construction machinery, reducers are essential in almost all mechanical transmission systems. With the deepening of market demand, the speed reducer market has developed rapidly. Of course, the variety of reducers is also constantly enriched.


Gear reducer is relatively common category. From the perspective of the current development situation, gear reducer in China has not changed much from the beginning of its development until today, and the manufacturing model has not greatly changed. In response to this situation, many foreign gear reducer companies gradually enter Chinese reducer market with holding their advantages in technology, management, capital and other aspects to obtain unique market shares in China.


Foreign products seized Chinese market share powerfully. China's reducer industry is facing serious market crisis. The crisis has greatly stimulated domestic reducer companies to gradually increase investment in technology and management, and strive to compete with foreign products. If we want to open up a broader market, we must first ensure our own development. Both technology and management need to form into our advantages, and at the same time we should expedite independent research and development.