Does Temperature Affect The Helical Gear Reducer?

- Nov 05, 2020-

Helical gear reducers are used in all areas of our lives. They are generally used in low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. With the continuous development and growth of the reducer industry, more and more industries use reducers. Will it be affected by temperature during normal work? Let me explain below.

  1. The limit working temperature of the insulating material refers to the temperature of the hottest spot in the winding insulation during the operation of the gear reducer during the design life expectancy. If the operating temperature exceeds the limit operating temperature of the material for a long time, the aging of the insulation will increase and the life span will be greatly shortened. Therefore, the temperature is one of the main factors of the life of the gear reducer in operation;

  2. The temperature rise is the temperature difference between the gear reducer and the environment, which is caused by the heat of the gear reducer. Temperature rise is an important indicator in the design and operation of the gear reducer. It indicates the degree of heat generation of the gear reducer. During operation, if the temperature rise of the gear reducer suddenly increases, it indicates that the gear reducer is faulty or the air duct is blocked. Or the load is too heavy;

  3. The iron core of the gear reducer in operation will produce iron loss in the alternating magnetic field, copper loss will occur after the winding energized, and other stray losses. These will increase the temperature of the gear reducer. On the other hand, the gear reducer will also dissipate heat. When the heat are equal, the equilibrium state is reached, and the temperature no longer rises but stabilizes at a level. When the heat generation increases or the heat dissipation decreases, the balance will be broken, and the temperature will continue to rise, and the expansion of the temperature difference will increase the heat dissipation, reaching a new balance at another higher temperature.

   Gear speed reducer will be affected by temperature when it is working, so it is said that a stable temperature must be maintained when the gear reducer is working, so as to make the gear reducer work better and extend its working life.