Do You Know The Method to Reduce The Noise of Precision Planetary Reducer?

- Sep 25, 2020-

Is there excessive noise when using the planetary reducer? So is there any way to reduce noise? The following editor will talk about it for you;

The noise of equipment is mainly caused by friction between parts, so why does friction between parts make noise? That is because the lubrication is not enough to cause a harsh sound, then you need to pay attention to the need to choose the correct lubricant. If the lubricant is inferior or out-of-brand, it will cause poor lubrication and make noise; if the lubricant is genuine, the reason is that there is no regular lubrication, which eventually leads to poor lubrication and noise.


The method of using the equipment is incorrect. If the parts in the equipment are damaged, it will cause noise. The noise of the equipment will increase with the increase of the load. Also, the daily maintenance and maintenance are not done well. We use the equipment. You must also learn how to do a good job of regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of the equipment can ensure the effect of use and the level of noise.


The above is the method to reduce the noise of the precision planetary reducer. I hope it can help you.