Developing Trend of The Harmonic Reducer

- Nov 13, 2020-

With the continuous development of commercial robots, the future development direction of harmonic reducers is moving towards miniaturization, integration, and light weight.


The current harmonic reducer is no longer satisfactory in some new shopping malls application and new demands. For example, on a partially commercial human exoskeleton robot, the harmonic reducer may too hot under long-term high-speed operation. At this time, when people wear and bounce it will simply cause some safety accidents.


Therefore, we are constantly exploring new materials. Some use aluminum alloy because of its better heat insulation effect, and there are also new alloys such as aviation materials. These products have begun to enter into the market.


On the other hand, in terms of commercial robots, the commercial environment gives less and less space for central parts such as reducers. Many manufacturers are developing their own AC actuators, which may be called electromechanical integrated modules. It combine the motor and reducer, and then run through the driver. It also adopt hollow wiring as much as possible to ensure easy usage of the product.


In addition, products such as AGVs and parallel robots will also drive and promote the sales of harmonic reducers, e.g.the wheel drive unit of AGV, but so far, although the amount of this new demand is rising rapidly, it is not large scale. Its is uncertain that how to develop the harmonic reducer and how it will be in the future.