Design of Straight Bevel Gear Transmission of Hollow Shaft Rotary Table Reducer

- Jul 25, 2019-

Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment analyze for you about design of straight bevel gear transmission of hollow shaft rotary table reducer.


The bevel gear of the hollow shaft rotary table reducer is the abbreviation of the bevel gear. It is used to realize the transmission between the two intersecting axes. The two-axis intersection angle S is called the shaft angle. The value can be determined according to the transmission requirements. Generally, 90° is used.


The gear teeth of the bevel gear of the hollow rotary table reducer are arranged on the truncated cone, and the gear teeth gradually shrink from the large end to the small end of the gear, as shown in the following figure. Due to this feature, each of the relevant "cylinders" corresponding to the cylindrical gear becomes a "cone" in the bevel gear, such as an indexing cone, a pitch cone, a base cone, a tooth tip, and the like. The teeth of the bevel gear are made up of straight teeth. Helical and curved teeth. Straight and helical bevel gears are simple to design, manufacture and install, but have high noise and are used for low speed transmission (<5m/s). Curved bevel gears have the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise and large carrying capacity. For high speed and heavy load occasions. This section only discusses standard straight bevel gear transmissions with S=90°

straight bevel gear transmission

Formation of tooth profile surface of hollow rotary platform reducer

The formation of the straight toothed tooth profile surface is similar to that of a cylindrical gear. As shown in the figure below, the plane 1 is tangent to the base cone 2 and is purely scrolled. The trajectory of any straight line OK of the cone apex O on the plane is the involute cone. The involute cone surface and the spherical line AK with O as the center of the sphere and the radius of the cone R as the radius are spherical involute curves, which should be the large end tooth profile curve of the bevel gear. However, the spherical surface cannot be unfolded into a plane, which brings many difficulties to the design and manufacture of the bevel gear. To this end, an approximation method that replaces the spherical involute is generated.

spherical involute curves

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