Design Guidelines for Hollow Rotary Table Reducers

- Jul 25, 2019-

Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment introducing the hollow rotary Table reducer and the planetary reducer, both of which belong to the servo reducer. The hollow rotary table reducer and the planetary reducer are gear movements. Next, G+ Gigager introduces the design guidelines for hollow rotary table reducers.

Hollow Rotary Stage

Design guidelines for hollow rotary table reducers

When designing the gear transmission, the technicians of the manufacturer of the hollow rotary table reducer should analyze the main failure modes according to the actual working conditions, confirm the corresponding design criteria, and carry out the design calculation.

For the closed gear transmission of the hollow rotary table reducer, the main failure modes are tooth surface fatigue pitting, bending fatigue fracture and gluing. At present, the general gear transmission is designed and calculated according to the two criteria of tooth surface contact fatigue strength and root bending fatigue strength.

For the gear transmission of high-speed and high-power hollow rotary table reducer, it should also be calculated according to the criteria of the tooth surface anti-adhesive ability. The main failure mode of open gear transmission is wear and bending fatigue fracture. At present, there is no mature design calculation method for wear, so the design calculation is usually based on root bending fatigue strength, and the modulus is increased by 10%-20%. To consider the effects of wear.


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