Definition of AC torque motor

- Oct 23, 2018-

The basic requirements are the same as for AC servo motors. A wide range of speed regulation and softer mechanical properties are obtained by increasing the rotor resistance. Compared with the asynchronous motor with the same base number, the AC torque motor output power is several times smaller, the stall torque is large, and the stall current is much smaller.

The AC torque motor generally adopts a cage rotor structure, and obtains a low rotation speed by increasing the number of pole pairs. It mainly operates in a large load and a low speed state, and can also be in a stalled state in a short or long term.

The speed control of the AC torque motor is realized by two methods of speed measurement of the speed motor and control of the tension.

Since the 1970s, AC torque motors have been used in film film processing, light industry chemical fiber, textile, cable, plastic and papermaking winding devices.