Common Sense Of Selection Of Gear Reducer

- Dec 19, 2020-

The selection of gear reducer is a difficult problem faced by many manufacturers. It is a problem that they must consider not only to meet actual needs but also to reduce production costs. Then the editor is here to popularize gear reduction for everyone. Common sense of machine selection.

1. The function and performance of the gear reducer:

It is necessary to firstly understand the model specifications, functional characteristics, protection type, rated voltage, rated current, rated power, power frequency, insulation class of the gear reducer. These contents are important references for users to use, maintain, and select gear reducers correctly.

2. The use environment of the gear reducer:

Mainly refers to the user's need to clarify the environmental conditions that the gear reducer will use, such as normal temperature, high temperature, high cold, corrosion, vibration, wind and sand, altitude, electromagnetic pollution, etc.

3. Practical application aspects of gear reducer:

The user needs to clarify the characteristics of the place where the gear reducer is to be applied, and select the type according to actual needs. For example, fans, water pumps, air compressors, lathes, oilfield pumping units and other machinery have different characteristics, so the required gear reducer Also different.

4. The control system of the gear reducer:

Generally speaking, the control modes of gear reducers include manual, automatic, local control, remote control, stand-alone independent operation, and centralized control of production lines. The starting methods include direct, step-down, star-delta, frequency-sensitive rheostat, frequency converter, soft start and other starting methods. The user also needs to be clear about this.

The above four points are the common sense for the selection of gear reducers. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the gear reducer, manufacturers must not only select correctly and operate reasonably, but also rigorously manage them. It is also necessary to conduct regular inspections on the gear reducer. Overhaul and maintenance, maintenance.