Common Problems In Domestic Reducers

- Dec 07, 2020-

With the accelerating pace of economic globalization, reducer manufacturing giants in Germany, France, Japan and other countries have grabbed China and occupied the mid-to-high-end market of our country's reducer. At the same time, after a good period of development, our country's reducer industry has fallen into the "bottleneck period" of industry development due to various factors. As international industry giants continue to "conquer cities and land" in China, domestic reducer products and the market advantage is no longer good. In response to this situation, Chinese companies in the reducer industry should seriously reflect on the gap between themselves and the international industry giants, and it is the right way to catch up in this long-distance race.

According to analysis by industry insiders, there are currently three common problems in reducer and geared motor companies in China. To sum up, there are three types of problems: Firstly, the phenomenon of product homogeneity is serious, and the competitive advantage between companies in product type and quality is not obvious. The "price war" directly leads to vicious competition in the industry; second, the industry chain is short and fragile, and the front and back industry chains lack correlation, and are extremely vulnerable to the double squeeze of upstream suppliers such as raw materials and downstream buyers' orders. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are related to the structure, the management is chaotic, and the lack of attention to technical personnel has led to insufficient motivation for technological innovation and aging of the product structure. To change this situation, we must first improve the basic skills of the enterprise itself; at the same time, we must promote the scattered enterprise groups to the brand agglomeration industry, and promote the one-way spatial clusters to the extension of the value chain.


As far as the enterprise itself is concerned, to reach and exceed the level of international industry giants, one is to establish and implement a high-level personalized market creation concept, take the personalized needs of customers as its own responsibility, and strive to create a personalized market strategy. "Personalized" products seize the commanding heights of the market; second, build and consolidate high-speed technical production response capabilities, accurately grasp market conditions with quick response speed, and seize the expected market as soon as possible; third, plan and start from a high starting point The technological transformation project of the company uses high-tech to reorganize, transform and enhance the technical level and competitiveness of the domestic reducer industry, encourage the introduction, digestion and absorption of key foreign technologies, and accelerate the process of localization.