Common Faults of The Gear Reducer

- Oct 28, 2020-

Common faults of gear reducer includes:


1. Abnormal heating of reducer

① Abnormal heating means the severe heating of the bearing part or housing part of the reducer, which exceeds the normal temperature range. The more common one is heating of the bearing part.

② Possible reasons: overloaded reducer; worn bearings; the bearings, gears, shafts and other parts are not properly assembled; the voltage is too high or too low; repeated start-up or stop in a short time; and the bad smoothness etc.

③ In rolling production, overload work may cause frequent failures of multiple reducers, and bearing wear is frequent too.


2. Reducer vibration and abnormal noise

① Means that the vibration and noise of the reducer have increased significantly, exceeding the normal scale, or there is abnormal noise and vibration.

② Possible reason: mainly may be gears and bearings are damaged; external objects are stuck in the gear meshing part; the coaxial deviation between the reducer and the motor is big, which causes bad gear meshing; and insufficient fixing , loose bolts, dirty oil and impurities etc.


3. Oil leakage

①The main reason is that there is oil leakage on the positions such as the bearing end cover of the reducer, the sealing surface and the shell joint surface.

Possible reasons: poor sealing, box deformation, shell damage, etc.; or the oil temperature rises and the oil becomes thinner and easy to leak because of heat generation during gear transmission.

③The faults of the reducer are related to too many elements. Any problem in any procedures may cause failure. Therefore, the daily protection and maintenance of the equipment and the maintenance after each failure are very important.

Actually it is difficult to protect the reducer, because normally its the internal factors cause failure. Its inside the reducer box and difficult to see through during operation. How to detect problems early and prevent the incident from spreading is very important.