Common Faults of Planetary Gear Reducers, Causes and Treatment Methods of Planetary Reducers

- Aug 23, 2019-

Gear reducer is rarely obstructed to operate with noise

The reason is:

1. Rotating bearing is bad 2. Gear wear is severe. Disposal essentials: 1. Replace rotating bearing 2. Change gear

Gear reducer rarely interferes with joint or shaft leakage

The reason is: 1. The oil level is too high 2. The upper and lower joint surface bolts are not tightened or three-dimensional deformation 3. The upper and lower joints are sealed and the seal is effective. 4. Shaft seal damage

Disposal essentials: 1. Put the oil in the demarcated position 2. Tighten the bolt or grind the solid 3. Update the seal 4. Change the shaft seal

Gear reducer is rarely obstructed by the case temperature reduction. Reasons: 1.

Lack of smooth oil 2. Bearing damage 3. Overload operation

Disposal essentials: 1. Refueling to the demarcation value 2. Replacing the bearing 3. Low load


Inspection method of gear reducer gears and quality scale of fit

1. The roundness, cylindricity and roughness of the inner hole of the gear must meet the requirements of the drawing. Excessive wear can be repaired by reaming and inserting.

2. After the tooth surface of the gear reducer is worn or fatigued, if it is allowed on the layout, it can be used in pairs.

3. If economically allowed, gears can also be repaired by surfacing, ringing, and inserting.

4. After the keyway is worn, it is treated differently from the same procedure in 5.1.3.

5. Gear reducer gear and shaft removal A few receiving presses are pressed in. It can also be dismantled by heating; the heating temperature is usually not more than 359 °C.


Practical scope, layout description and skill function of gear reducer

Practical category

This procedure is used for the maintenance and inspection of involute cylindrical gears, bevel gears and arc gear reducers.

2. Layout brief

The gear reducer consists of a casing, gears, shafts and bearings. The layout situation is split and fully enclosed.

3. Skill function

The speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 3000r/min, and the temperature of the case is -40~+70°C, which is used for normal and reverse running.

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