Classified by mechanical characteristics

- Dec 18, 2018-

1. Ordinary cage type asynchronous motor is suitable for places with small capacity and small change of slip rate, such as blower, centrifugal pump, lathe and other low starting torque and constant load.

2. deep groove type is suitable for medium capacity, starting torque is slightly larger than the well cage type asynchronous motor.

3. double cage asynchronous motor is suitable for medium and large cage rotor motors. The starting torque is large. However, the maximum torque is slightly smaller. It is suitable for conveyor belts, compressors, pulverizers, mixers, reciprocating pumps and other constant speed loads that require a large starting torque.

4. special double-cage asynchronous motor is made of high-impedance conductor material. The utility model has the advantages that the starting torque is large, the maximum torque is small, and the slip rate is large. The speed adjustment can be realized. Suitable for punching machines, cutting machines and other equipment.

5. Wound rotor asynchronous motor is suitable for places with large starting torque and small starting current, such as conveyor belt, compressor, calender and other equipment.