Classification of Planetary Reducer

- Dec 17, 2020-

The primary function of planetary reducer is to reduce speed and increase torque. This is the ultimate goal of all planetary reducer users, and it is exactly because of these characteristics that planetary reducers are widely used in various industrial fields. So how is the planetary reducer distinguished?


First of all, we can classify according to the gear arrangement. According to the arrangement and classification of the gears, the planetary reducer can be divided into spur planetary reducer and helical planetary reducer. The price of spur planetary reducer is lower than that of helical planetary reducer. It is suitable for unilateral operation, low speed and light load mechanical equipment. However the accuracy, smoothness and noise of the helical planetary reducer are better than those of the spur planetary reducer.


The second is to classify according to power. Planetary reducer can be divided into high-power reducer and small-power reducer according to the power, and you need to choose according to your actual needs.


Furthermore, it is classified according to the viewpoints of the input shaft and the output shaft. According to the viewpoint of input shaft and output shaft, it can be divided into right angle planetary reducer and parallel shaft planetary reducer.