Causes of Fatigue of Gear Reducers

- Oct 29, 2020-

When using it, you should understand the causes of fatigue. The following will introduce the causes of fatigue of hardened gear reducers:


1. The lubricating oil has expired or deteriorated, and the viscosity is too low or invalid, so that an oil film cannot be formed between the tooth surfaces of the gears. As a result, direct contact between the teeth causes fatigue and pitting of the tooth surfaces;


2. During the installation of the gear of the hardened gear reducer, the maintenance process is not strictly implemented, resulting in poor installation, causing partial contact of the tooth surface, and excessive load causing fatigue and pitting of the tooth surface;


3. The use of the transmission bearing exceeds the limit or the clearance between the bearing and the bearing housing hole is too large, which causes the transmission bearing to vibrate too much, which causes the load to increase, which causes the gear transmission load to increase, and it also causes tooth surface fatigue and pitting.


After understanding the causes of fatigue of hard-tooth surface gear reducers, I believe it will be more beneficial to our use in the future. This is the introduction to the above knowledge. Working conditions and advantages of hardened gear reducer.