What is the Cause of Accuracy Error of the Planetary Reducer?

- Aug 02, 2019-

In the application of the planetary reducer, for various reasons, the planetary reducer cannot inevitably have accuracy errors. The occurrence of this phenomenon will inevitably have a certain impact on the application of planetary reducers. Therefore, we must solve it. Before solving the problem, we must first understand the reasons for its formation in order to solve it in a targeted manner. What is the accuracy error caused by the planetary reducer?


First, the reason for the accuracy error of the planetary reducer:

Planetary reducers with rotational accuracy errors result in:

The machining error and assembly quality of the planetary reducer components; the influence of the spindle machining error; the influence of the process error of the transmission bearing, three aspects.


Second, the reasons for the steering accuracy error of the planetary reducer:

1. Influenced by the gap of the guide rail;

2. Influenced by the stiffness of the guide rail itself;

3. Influenced by the geometric accuracy of the track;


Third, the planetary gear reducer transmission accuracy main error formation reasons:

1. The error of the transmission component has a significant impact on the accuracy of the transmission of the device;

2. The error of the matching components and the assembly quality have a great influence on the transmission accuracy;

3. In the working part, due to the heat, it will inevitably cause deformation, which has a certain influence on the transmission accuracy of the transmission chain.

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