Can Domestic Planetary Reducers Replace Imported Ones?

- Dec 24, 2020-

Imported reducers are not irreplaceable. People who have been in the construction machinery industry for a long time know that many people don’t believe in domestic products. They simply believe that imported reducers must be good. In fact, this is not the case. As far as I know, many groups such as Sani Intelligent and HUAWEI Group  are all using domestic products.

As early as in 2003, large groups used domestic planetary reducers. At that time, the information was closed, especially the insiders in the industry closed this information to avoid unnecessary panic. Facts have proved that the quality of domestic planetary reducers is still good. , It can completely replace imported parts, used in large crawler cranes, rotary drilling rigs, railway cranes, marine cranes, road headers, excavators, road rollers and other construction machinery. No matter how bad the working conditions are, the performance of domestic planetary reducers has been achieved.