Application of Planetary Gear Reducer in Shearer

- Aug 23, 2019-

Planetary gear reducers are also known as planetary reducers and servo reducers. In the family of reducers, planetary gear reducers are widely used in servo systems, stepping motors, DC motors and other transmission systems due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. Its role is to reduce the rotational speed increase torque and reduce the rotational inertia ratio of the load motor under the premise of ensuring precision transmission.

Most of the cutting parts of modern shearers are composed of rocker arms and planetary gear reducers. The rocker arm bears the impact and vibration from the drum during the working process, and the planetary gear speed reduction mechanism mainly plays the role of deceleration and transmission of large torque. In order to make the planetary speed reduction mechanism meet the use requirements, it must be checked for strength.


The vast majority of designers perform structural static analysis of critical parts under constant load conditions. However, under actual conditions, the load on each part is constantly changing. In order to make the design more reasonable and practical, it is necessary to perform transient dynamic analysis on key components.

Transient dynamics analysis is the determination of the time-dependent displacement, strain, stress and force of a structure under the arbitrary combination of static load, transient load and harmonic load. There are three methods for performing transient dynamics analysis: the complete method, the reduction method, and the modal superposition method.

The UG software is used to establish the solid model of the shearer planetary gear reducer. Then the UG interface is used to import the solid model of the sun gear into the ANSYS software. The dynamic simulation data is used to apply the dynamic load to the sun gear for instantaneous dynamic simulation. The sun wheel stress and strain cloud diagram under dynamic load shows that the structural strength of the sun gear in the planetary gear reducer meets the design requirements.


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