Application of Hollow Rotary Table Reducer on Full Self-packaging Machine

- Oct 22, 2019-

Hollow rotary table is a brand new rotary load device, which combines high transmission power, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance. It combines the advantages of servo motor, cam index driver and DD motor to fully obtain balance between these products.

Next, Guangdong Saini intelligent equipment will analyze the application of the hollow rotary table reducer on the full self-analysis packaging machine

Introduction to the whole self-packaging machine

China is a strong packaging country. With its concentrated resources and the advantages of pioneering and innovative, it can enter the packaging equipment market in China after the low tariffs in China. In this regard, if there is no strong countermeasure, the commanding heights of China's packaging operations may be governed by the international resources of the national packaging power. To this end, the state will supply a series of preferential policies to cultivate some companies in the powerful packaging equipment industry.

A truly high level of packaging equipment must be able to meet the needs of users, product consumers and social development, in order to reflect its level and value. Meeting the needs of users, consumers and society can be achieved through the following points, and this is also the development trend of packaging machinery and equipment in the world today.

The hollow rotary table reducer is applied to the self-packaging machine to make the packaging machine safer, more flexible, more precise, faster and more efficient.

Compared with other similar positioning transmission products, the hollow rotary table reducer can meet the direct load of a pair of load that the servo motor can't do, and can compensate for the lack of positioning of the splitter at any angle. The accuracy is comparable to DD. The motor, but the cost is much lower than the DD motor. The hollow rotary table is used with the servo motor to fully meet your requirements for circumferential positioning control.


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