Application of Hollow Rotary Actuator in Printing Machinery

- Oct 22, 2019-

Modern printing presses generally consist of plates, ink, embossing, paper feeding, etc. The hollow rotary actuator is the core component of the high-precision printing machine drive mechanism.

High speed, high precision, high stability, low maintenance, uniform synchronous operation, long service life is the main requirement of printing equipment for hollow shaft rotary table reducer.

The G+ hollow rotary table reducer can increase the speed of printing equipment and can effectively improve the printing quality and stability.

The G+ hollow rotary table reducer special performance design to meet the printing industry's high printing quality, high speed, high precision, uniform synchronization, long life and other requirements

Servo Rotary Actuator

Advantages of G+ R&D and production of hollow rotary table

1. Improve reliability and reduce costs through direct connection

The workbench and the robot arm that need the device can be directly mounted on the rotary table. Compared with the mechanical parts such as the pulley, the hollow rotary table can reduce the time and cost of mechanical design, parts fitting, belt state adjustment and the like.

2, motor configuration

Various brands of stepper motors or servo motors are available freely.

3, high positioning without backlash

Without backlash, the positioning accuracy is less than or equal to 1MIN, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach plus or minus 5 arc seconds.

4, large diameter hollow structure

Wiring and piping are more convenient and simple, and the advantages of this feature are particularly prominent in wiring and piping environments where wiring is complicated.

The high precision and synchronization of printing equipment at high speeds, the key is the reasonable gear structure design of the servo hollow rotary table reducer. The synchronization of the hollow rotary table reducer is extremely high. Because other types of gear reducers are used for single gears, the accuracy of the drive is continuously reduced and the torque is small. Therefore, the printed picture or paper quality of the printing equipment cannot be stabilized for a long time, and the hollow rotary table reducer can be used. Enables printing equipment to have long-term stable print quality.


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