Application of Harmonic Reducer in Industrial Robot

- Oct 17, 2019-

The power source of industrial robots is generally AC servo motor. Because it is driven by pulse signal, the servo motor itself can realize speed regulation. Why do industrial robots still need high precision harmonic reducer?


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Usually Industrial robots need perform repeated actions to complete the same process .in order to ensure that the industrial robot can reliably complete the process tasks in production and ensure the quality of the process, which have high requirement  for the industrial robot in the positioning accuracy and the repeat positioning accuracy. Therefore, high precision harmonic reducer or RV reducer is needed to improve and ensure the precision of industrial robot.

 Another role of harmonic reducer in industrial robot is to deliver greater torque. It is not cost-effective to increase the power of the servo motor when the load is large. The output torque can be increased by the reducer in a suitable speed range. In addition, servo motors are prone to heat and low-frequency vibrations at low frequencies, which is not conducive to ensuring accurate and reliable operation for long-term and periodic industrial robots.

Since harmonic reducer allows the servo motor to operate at a suitable speed and accurately reduce the speed to the speed required by various parts of the industrial robot ,which increase the stiffness of the machine and outputting greater torque.

Compared with universal reducers, robotic joint reducers require short drive chains, small size, high power, light weight and easy control. There are two main types of reducers that are widely used on articulated robots: high-precision harmonic reducers and RV reducers.

Compared to high-precision harmonic reducers, RV reducers have higher stiffness and rotational accuracy. Therefore, in the articulated robot, the RV reducer is generally placed at the heavy load position such as the boom and shoulder of the base; the high-precision harmonic reducer is placed on the arm, wrist or hand; the planetary reducer is generally Used on Cartesian robots.