Application of Gear Reducers in Various Industries

- Sep 29, 2020-

1. On stage equipment

The drive equipment must not only meet the requirements of safety, reliability and low noise, but also be installed in the right place!


2. In lifting industry

Choosing the right drive equipment that can optimize the internal process plays a decisive role in ensuring the economy and safety of the lifting system.


3. In steel industry

The hardened gear reducer is strong and reliable in the production line of the steel plant, and the maintenance interval is long.


4. On airport equipment

The drive system used in airport equipment adopts a two-stage helical bevel gear reducer to replace traditional worm gear reducer, which highlights the technological upgrade. Since the maintenance interval of the reducer is extended, especially more wear-resistant parts are used, the maintenance cost of the drive system is lower, and the initial investment cost can be effectively reduced.


5. In food and beverage industry

The mixing and stirring drive products specially designed for the food and beverage industry are very durable.


6. In water treatment

The vertical installation gear reducer specially for aerator has double rain cover, IP66, three-lip seal ring, and TF motor thermal protection. If the reducer is in humid or tropical conditions in outdoor, it is necessary to use special seals and anti-corrosion measures.


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