Application For Bending Strength Formula Of Hollow Rotary Platform Reducer

- Aug 17, 2019-

Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. analyzes the bending strength formula of the hollow rotary platform reducer application.

In the calculation of the tooth root bending fatigue strength of the hollow rotary platform reducer, the tooth profile coefficient YFa, the stress correction coefficient Ysa, and the allowable bending stress sFP of the mating gear may be different. Therefore, in the calculation of the calculation, the two gears should be separately performed; and when the design formula is used, the larger of YFa1Ysa1/sFP1 and YFa2Ysa2/sFP2 should be substituted.

Allowable stress (1) allowable contact stress sHP allowable contact stress


Where: sHlim- failure probability is 1%, the tooth surface contact fatigue limit of the tested hollow rotary platform reducer is checked by the material sHlim. In the figure, ML, MQ, and ME indicate the grades for material quality and heat treatment requirements (ML-low, MQ-medium, ME-high), and generally select sHlim according to MQ.

ZH-The life factor of contact fatigue strength, the value can be according to the number of stress cycles of the designed hollow rotary platform reducer gear N=60nkth (n is the gear rotation speed, k is the number of times the gear is meshed with the same side of the gear per revolution, th is The working hours of the gear design) are checked by the contact fatigue strength life factor ZH.

ZW-work hardening coefficient; considering the soft (large gear) hard (spindle) tooth surface combination transmission process, the hollow rotary platform reducer pinion produces cold work hardening on the large gear tooth surface, so that the allowable contact stress of the large gear can be Improve, so introduce the wash, the value can be calculated as follows:


In the formula, HB is the Brinell hardness value of the tooth surface of the large gear; when HB130HNS, take ZW=1.2; when HB470HBS, go to ZW=1; ZX-contact fatigue strength size coefficient, consider hollow rotary platform deceleration The coefficient of the machine is increased to reduce the strength of the material, and the value is checked by the drawing; the minimum safety factor of the SH-contact fatigue strength can be checked by the minimum safety factor reference value.

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