Application Field of Hollow Rotary Platform and Processing Technology

- Oct 19, 2019-

The hollow rotary platform is a brand-new rotary load device. The hollow rotary platform reducer is a combination of high transmission power, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance. It combines the advantages of servo motor, cam splitter and DD motor. A balance is struck between these products.

Compared with other similar positioning transmission products, the hollow rotary platform reducer can meet the direct load of a pair of load that the servo motor can't do, and can compensate for the lack of positioning of the splitter at any angle. The precision can also match the DD motor. However, the cost is much lower than that of the DD motor. The hollow rotating platform is used with a servo motor to fully meet your requirements for circumferential positioning control.

Application field of hollow rotary table

1, the use of load inertia changes

2. Use of inertia load

3, high-precision positioning purposes

4, high-precision positioning of the hollow hole

Manufacturing process of hollow rotary table reducer

1. Special process aluminum alloy casing, the appearance is bright and delicate, and the appearance is exquisite

2, stainless steel rotary platform and hollow shaft to adapt to more environments

3, no backlash combination


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