Analysis on the Development Direction of Planetary Gear Reducer

- Oct 12, 2020-

With the development of the machinery industry, the reducer family has grown stronger. There are currently hundreds of products, which are widely used in water conservancy, electric power, construction machinery, metallurgy, coal, building materials, ships, and petrochemical industries. As a member of the reducer family, planetary gear reducers may be seldom understood, but exactly due to their advantages that people don’t know, they are becoming a "potential star" in the development of reducer products.


Planetary gear reducer has the advantages of compact structure, small return clearance, high precision and long service life. It is especially suitable for aero-engines, lifting and transportation, petrochemicals and weapons that require small size, light weight and high precision. Planetary gear transmission has been more and more widely used.


At present, the performance of the reducer is improving year by year under driving of the world's mechanical technology innovation. Here’s some development situation of the planetary gear reducer.


1. Variety of types. At present, there are more than 50 planetary gear rotation series in the world, and various types of reducer products have evolved from this.

2. High speed & high power. With the development of planetary rotation technology, the power of the existing high-speed involute planetary gear transmission has reached 2000KW, and the output torque has reached 4500KNm. It breaks bottleneck of transmission with high efficiency but low transmission ratio.

3. Hard tooth surface & high precision. At present, chemical heat treatments such as carburizing and nitriding are commonly used in the manufacturing process of planetary gear reducers. The manufacturing accuracy has reached level 6 or higher. By improving the hardness and precision, the planetary gear reducer can make the gear size smaller and further save energy under the premise of ensuring the carrying capacity.

4. Realize electrical integration. In the planetary gear rotating device, micro planetary gear reducer-a micro transmission device that can transmit power is required collaboration together with a micro planetary gear reducer having its own power drive device, that is, a micro machine needs to be reduced by a micro motor and a micro planetary gear. The unit integrates a compact gear transmission, so that it has two functions: driving and deceleration transmission. Realize the mechatronics, make the motor and the planetary gear reducer into one unit to become a low-speed motor, make the output shaft of the combined body directly connect with the working machine, and effectively carry out the speed adjustment.


In addition, the planetary gear reducer also has its shortcomings: strict material requirements, fine and complex structure, manufacturing and installation are more complicated than ordinary products. However, with the further in-depth understanding and mastery of planetary transmission technology, as well as the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign planetary transmission technology, planetary gear rotation technology will continue to develop, and the production technology will continue to improve. Therefore, manufacturing and installation is no longer regarded as difficulty. It has been proved that it is possible to manufacture a better planetary gear reducer in a factory of medium technical level.


For the planetary gear reducer manufacturer, what they need to do currently is to improve the design level of the gear rotating device, make optimization and improvement in accordance with the principle on the basis of understanding its advantages, and give full use to its advantages , and reduce its shortcomings minimum, so as to design the planetary gear reduction equipment with excellent performance.


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