Analysis Of Intermittent Noise Of Worm Gear Reducer

- Dec 21, 2020-

The worm gear reducer must undergo rigorous testing when it leaves the factory. Many times, we will find through tests that the worm gear reducer has intermittent loud noises. Today I will share with you the cause and solution of intermittent noise in a turbo reducer.


First of all, the issue of raw materials. The raw materials here refer to the raw materials used in manufacturing and not the raw materials used in production. The density and composition of raw materials need to be strictly tested, which is the basis of a machine. In this way, it can be ensured that there will be no accidents and noise during the operation of the machine.


Secondly, the accuracy of gears. Regarding accuracy, there is a set of national standards GB10995, the minimum requirement of gear accuracy of worm gear reducer is 7. Gear accuracy can ensure the running-in of the machine during operation. The higher the accuracy, the better the running-in of the machine, the smaller the sound, and the smaller the noise.


Finally, there are glitches and bumps. These problems mainly occur during transportation. Therefore, protection measures must be taken in the operation process of worm gear reducer.