Advantages and Application of Planetary Gear Reducer for Automation Equipment

- Aug 23, 2019-

Packaging machines are widely used in various industries, such as food, dairy, condiments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. Among them, the company designs and manufactures automatic metering filling and packaging equipment for granular powder and block solid non-standard bulk materials, such as washing powder, monosodium glutamate, rice flour, milk powder, salt, sugar, rice and seeds, etc. Wide range, high degree of automation is typical. With the development of automated planetary reducer technology, packaging technology is increasingly moving towards high speed, high precision and full automation.

Planetary Gearbox GPD Series

Advantages of the G+ Automation Planetary Reducer:

1,small size

2,high precision, the general gap can be less than 7 arc minutes, 1 turn has 360 degrees, 1 degree has 60 arc minutes

3,high efficiency, efficiency is above 95%

4,high output torque

5,smooth running and low noise, generally below 65 decibels.


Automated planetary reducer torque control: The torque control mode is to set the external output torque of the motor shaft through the external analog input or the assignment of the direct address. The specific performance is, for example, 10V corresponds to 5Nm. When the external analog is set to 5V, the motor shaft output is 2.5Nm: if the motor shaft load is lower than 2.5Nm, the motor will rotate forward. When the external load is equal to 2.5Nm, the motor will not rotate. When the motor is larger than 2.5Nm, the motor will reverse.

Automated planetary reducer position control: The position control mode generally determines the rotation speed by the frequency of the externally input pulse. The number of pulses is used to determine the angle of rotation. Some servos can directly communicate the speed by communication. The displacement is assigned.

Automated planetary reducer speed mode: The rotation speed can be controlled by the analog input or the frequency of the pulse. The speed mode can also be positioned when the outer ring PID control of the upper control device is used, but the position of the motor must be The position signal of the signal or direct load is given to the upper feedback for calculation.

G+ Automation Planetary Reducer is suitable for all kinds of precision automatic machines such as screen printing equipment, cutting and welding equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, lithium battery equipment, medical equipment, testing machines and various non-standard equipment. In the device.


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