AC torque motor structure

- Oct 31, 2018-

The operating principle of the AC torque motor is the same as that of the general squirrel cage asynchronous motor, but the structure is different. It is made of a material with high resistivity (such as brass, constantan, etc.) as the guide bar and end of the rotor. ring. Therefore, the rotor resistance of the torque motor is much larger than that of a conventional squirrel cage motor. The mechanical characteristics of a torque motor are different from those of a conventional squirrel cage motor.

Due to the different design parameters, the mechanical characteristics and uses of the torque motor are divided into two categories: the torque motor with winding characteristics and the torque motor with constant torque characteristics. Winding characteristic torque motor for constant tension transmission, suitable for applications where the product needs to maintain a constant tension during production and wind the product on a roller at a constant line speed, for example, on a printing machine, winding the fabric The roller, as the fabric is continuously wound onto the roller, the diameter of the roller gradually increases and the load increases accordingly. It can be seen from the mechanical characteristics of the torque motor that the load increases and the rotational speed automatically drops, thereby maintaining a certain line speed and tension, and achieving the process requirements. Such torque motors are commonly used in textiles, printing and dyeing, paper, rubber, wire and cable.