Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., is now a leading professional manufacturer integrated with production, R & D and marketing on speed reducer product in China.We have production workshop over 10,000 square meters based in Dongguan and Shenzhen with more than 50 engineers and over 300 employees. The brand G+ is now a leading speed reducer in china market, our product Hollow Rotary Table, Cam Indexer, High Precision Right Angle Gearbox and Motorized Stages ranks top 3

Hot Products

    • Programmable Rotary Indexing Tables

      Programmable Rotary Indexing Tables

      Freely Programmable Rotary Indexing Tables from G+ are characterized by a whole new machine concept and design approach, allowing flexible use. All components are freely programmable and represent sound solutions for re-engineering. These rotary indexing tables could be added planetary gearbox to increase the gear ratio, available for matching with any brand servo motor and stepper motor based on our flexible flange system, thus make it easy for automation production line building and robot designing.

    • Servo Hypoid Gearboxes

      Servo Hypoid Gearboxes

      G+ Servo Hypoid Gearboxes are designed specifically for dynamic servo motors and also matched for servostep motor and stepper motor. They are able to realize high transmission ratios in just one stage with high precision and low backlash.

    • Micro Rotary Axis

      Micro Rotary Axis

      Micro Rotary Axis, also called Mini A-B Axis, it is a combination application made from two hollow rotary table equipped with stepper motor or servo motor making the perfect two dimensional movement. It is widely used in the mobile phone engraving and inspection fields. It also can be used for other automation product.